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    A Natural Food Brand specializing in artisan products.


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    Bold. Exotic. All Natural & Delightful flavors


    Lady Epicure is a gourmet treats line specializing in frozen bars made with Curious. Bold. Exotic. All Natural & Delightful flavors. We are committed to creating natural and organic products with striking tastes to redefine the traditional cold treat. Our products are gluten free, non-dairy and vegan friendly, and we source the best ingredients locally whenever possible. We invite you to elevate your eating experience with our inspired gourmet treats that are great for everyone to eat and enjoy.


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    Events & Celebrations!

    Corporate. Casual. Celebration or Promotional event


    Invite us to your next event. We can customize, colors, flavors, and presentation to meet your event needs!



    Events include:

    Birthday parties

    Engagement parties

    Promotional events

    Corporate socials




    And more…


    Try our Poptails- Adult Alcoholic Frozen Pops!

    Ask about our Frozen Cocktail Bars. Elevate your next wedding, corporate social or party.


     We're always testing new flavors and creating new combinations based on what's in season.We are also curious to hear about your custom creations, flavor requests and suggestions!


    Here are a few of our favorite flavor pairings:


    Blueberry Lemon Basil

    Avocado Coconut Rosemary
    Pineapple Lavender
    Guava Pear Rosemary
    Minty Pear Habanero

    Strawberry Rosemary
    Minty Dark Cocoa 
    Mango Coconut Crème

    Sweet Corn

    Peach Rosemary
    Salted Maple Crème

    Strawberry Sage
    Lavender Pear
    Ginger Lemon Zinger
    PB Cocoa 
    Bahama Switcha’ (Island Lemonade)


    See our photo gallery and salivate at our deliciously decadent frozen bars.


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  • Meet Lady Epicure

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    Tenaj Ferguson

    Founder & CEO
    Director of Product Innovation

    Tenaj is a native of The Bahamas, a lover of fitness, health promotion, real food and positive experiences. With a natural proclivity for innovation and creativity Tenaj is driven to expose others to try natural products and gourmet flavors especially from exotic herbs and fruits. Tenaj enjoys poetry, cooking, travel, networking and increasing her faith. Tenaj wakes up with a smile and a goal to work towards positively impacting the world.

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